Travelling disasters

I’m the kind of person that worries a lot. Travelling involves a lot of unknowns, and unknowns are worrying, they could be anything – a type of anything that’s a disaster perhaps. In an effort to mentally prepare for the trip I’ve been thinking through some of the things that could go wrong and then looking for the positive side. That way I’ll be ready for whatever happens.

Disaster scenario 1:

Instead of packing the box containing my contact lenses I mistakenly pack a similar looking box full of cinnamon scented air fresheners.

Con: I have no lenses and am basically blind
Pro: I can enjoy the delicious smell of cinnamon wherever I go and also have a reduced chance of eye infection due to not wearing my lenses

Disaster scenario 2:

On arriving at the airport in Buenos aires I find out my backpack was unhelpfully loaded onto a plane going to Russia

Con: All my luggage is now in Russia
Pro: I don’t have to worry about my backpack being stolen anymore, plus without the weight of the backpack I can move much more quickly, allowing me to evade rabid dogs

Disaster scenario 3:

Whilst concentrating on walking in an inconspicuous way to avoid attracting the attention of potential-muggers I fall into a large hole in the pavement, breaking my arm

Con: My arm is broken, and I have no idea what the doctor said to me because of my pitiful spanish vocabulary
Pro: I can now gather signatures on the cast as I travel and end up with a wonderful cast shaped memento. I can also hide my money in it.

Disaster scenario 4:

One evening whilst eating in a small Bolivian restaurant I lean too close to an atmosphere-creating-candle and my recently purchased micro-fleece catches fire

Con: I’m on fire
Pro: Once the flames have been put out I’ll have a great story to exchange with other travellers. As a bonus my singed flesh will also be less attractive to mosquitos.

Disaster scenario 5:

Reclining on the beach in Peru, I find that a blue footed booby has removed my passport from my daysack and eaten it

Con: A small blue bird has eaten my main form of identification
Pro: It didn’t eat my lunch. At least I won’t be hungry.

Disaster scenario 6:

We’re kidnapped by a group of bandits as we cycle through Ecuador

Con: We might be killed at any moment
Pro: No need to worry about paying for accommodation or food

I’m feeling less worried already.



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