Enjoying life in London before flying the nest

Since we decided to pack up in mid December, and it becoming more real around mid Jan when we told our families, life has been a bit of a whirlwind of to do lists. I’m an impatient person and when I decided in the bath in a Jury’s Inn in Newcastle that I just had to get away (nothing personal against Newcastle) I thought there would be little more to it than deciding on a starting point and saving hard.

Saving hard has been a big feature of the last 5 months, and it is a bit grim, but we are lucky to have enough money to live and save to move away without a secured job so not too many complaints (my friends and family have had enough of them). But, all the other stuff! Looking into volunteer placements, learning spanish, sorting insurance, giving notice, redirecting all post, working out what to do with our stuff, and then buying more appropriate stuff to take with us, finding the best deal on flights, getting vaccinations, renewing driving licenses, finding a bank account with cheap overseas withdrawals, doingall the important stuff that normally takes longer than we have (really just progressing my coeliac diagnosis- NHS being nice and helpful, thank you).muffalo

That has pretty much been our life for 5 months, and whilst we are now fairly prepared with a whole month to go, I don’t think we’ve been a whole lot of fun. Currently the saving is ahead of target and I couldn’t plan any more even if you promised me that doing so would guarantee I could marry Mark Ruffalo.

I think we are due some fun. Long overdue. And it starts tonight, or more accurately 4.30AM tomorrow.

Egg and I are going to witness the sunrise over London from the Duck and Waffle, a fancypants restaurant in the Heron Tower. It’s on something ridiculous like the 42nd floor and I’ve been wanting to go since it opened; being a bit expensive it feels like a proper treat.


And after that make more of an effort to see our friends and London because both will be much missed. I had no intention to do a leaving party (parties thrown by me for me always make me a bit uneasy – and I’m lazy) but I’ve been informed we shall be having one, so hopefully my requests for a bouncy castle, fairy lights and buckets full of cocktails will have been heard. And that will be fun. Oh, and I think a goat would be fun. Mike, I’d like a goat too.

Listening to – Vampire Weekend, Oxford Comma

Location – giant beanbag, dragged into the kitchen, London


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