How to get from Buenos Aires (Ezeiza) airport to the city centre

Having left the UK in a fog of only partially completed tasks (fridge definitely not empty, phone charger left behind etc) we had definitely not been so prepared as to know how we were going to make our way to the hostel once we landed.
This was unfortunate as we landed at 7am and after a thirteen hour flight were a but groggy. Because of this I was not ready to enter into haggle with one of the unlicensed taxi drivers who swarm as you leave the terminal, so this immediately discounted the (probably) cheapest option.
That left licensed taxis and the private bus shuttle, Manuel Tienda Leon.
When you land, there are booths for both the taxis and bus before you leave the arrivals bit- we ignored these and sauntered through and then panicked that there was no equivalent in the main terminal and we may have to walk to the city. After griping about what a poorly arranged airport it was, how impractical and so forth, we realised that if we had turned around we would have see exactly the same booths in the terminal we were standing in, so no fear.
Enquiring here, we were told it was AR$90 each for the bus, around £11, or AR$240/250 for a taxi. The bus takes you to the central depot but then a nice man will arrange a minibus shuttle to your hostel from there, which is included in the price.
As the only downside was that the shuttle was a bit slower, we went for this.
It was all very clearly labeled at the bus depot, so the connection wasn’t an issue, although we nearly stayed on with some of the other passengers to go directly to Aeroparque, the domestic airport- I think this is mainly because we were both asleep when we got there!
Useful things to know:
The bus leaves from terminal B, easily walkable from the other terminals and signposted
There is a handy ticket booth at the bus stop, so you can make your way straight there from arrivals
It takes about an hour (with medium traffic) plus around 10 mins waiting at depot, and a half hour minibus to the hostel door (we are staying in Recoleta, this will obviously vary!)
For those very concerned about leaving bags out of sight, this is one of those nice companies that tag your bag and give you the matching half to collect it with – don’t lose it!

There would be some interesting photos to illustrate this, us being a but confused in the terminal perhaps, but I was too sleepy/ excited. Will do better next time.