First week in Buenos Aires



So our first week in Buenos Aires was quite uneventful, a nice soothing way to start our trip. We had decided that it was best for us to treat the first week like a holiday. That way we wouldn’t suddenly freak out that we had left our flat and our jobs, and had nothing at all to do with our lives.

This had benefits, we just wandered around all of Buenos Aires different neighbourhoods, testing our Spanish and eating and drinking. It is a great city – life goes on until much later, so cafes are open until one and the evening meal doesn’t start until nine at the earliest.

The only downside to the plan was how expensive Buenos Aires is- it isn’t obscene, but things are comparable to London. In particular it was hard to get cheap drinks, except wine. I know, I know, why complain! And we realised how much work we have to do to get our Spanish up to scratch.

So apart from eating and drinking, we went to a couple of museums, MALBA and MACBA (latin american and contemporary art respectively), visited the street markets in San Telmo, went to the cinema (cheap here, about £5) saw the obelisk on the huge Avenue 9 due Julio (there are about 12 lanes of traffic) and visited Evita in Recoleta cemetery.

Less noteworthy- Egg smashed his face on some glass peering at goodlooking cake, we tripped on many, many of the holes in BA’s pavement (but did not fall over), we ran out of clean underwear before we had located a washing machine, we enjoyed our new bank accounts genuinely not charging us for transactions abroad, I set up a food blog (, egg cut his hair and we sat in the sun on the grass.


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