Spider bite….now I’m spiderwoman 25/11-28\11

So as we leave the Lodge and arrive in San Fernando we book our bus to Pucon, leaving in three hours time. To fill the time I decide to go to the chemist and get some anti histamines for a rather big bite on my leg that had happened a few days earlier and I ignored, as you do. And now I was having trouble walking.

Unfortunately upon seeing my leg they said this was not a bad reaction to a mosquitoe bite as I had assumed, but more likely a spider bite and that I had to go to the emergency room immediately and put us straight in a collectivo (like a taxi but with fixed routes).


Hospital in chile is cheap and, for me at least, very fast so we made our bus. But our bus was destined to Pucon, adventure capital with hiking, biking, volcano climbing, rafting, hydrospeed and hot springs and I had just been told I could do nothing, nor get my leg wet for three days when I had to return to a hospital. It was to say the least disappointing but we remained optimistic that after the third day I would be given the all clear so we decided to stick around.

So we had three days in Pucon, I could barely walk as my ankle was so painful and swollen, I couldn’t drink because of the antibiotics I was on, and the internet in the hostel didn’t work. So what did we do? Well I decided that as we are entering the summer here the best thing would be to make myself a thick winter cardigan. wpid-Foto-28-11-2013-12-34-19.jpgI quite like it and it was a good use of time but now I have to carry it around whilst it’s 30 degrees plus. Egg for his part did an awesome job of looking after me, juggling and relaxing with a book. And the hostel (El refugio) was really really nice- great atmosphere, people and hammock chairs so that helped.

On returning to a new hospital, they looked changed the dressing and told me I had to return every three days until they were happy and I still could not do anything. This was a bit upsetting and I inwardly debated going hydrospeeding anyway, but really not wanting to see how much worse it could get if infected we gave up, packed up and moved on.

The end

OK so not quite the end. We did manage to get out for a very impressive and indulgent chocolate fondue at Cassis, a beautiful little cafe.wpid-Foto-26-11-2013-16-58-15.jpg And I invented peanut butter, double cream hot chocolate, which was also indulgent now I think about it. We were in need of some treats. On the plus side, I handled all my hospital visits in Spanish with no confusion, yay me!

And for those who are interested Pucon is beautiful. The volcano climb is said to be one of the most incredible things to do in south america, and you can slide down on your bum! I’m desperate to do it. Maybe we’ll try to swing back.

wpid-Foto-27-11-2013-14-51-13.jpgAnd we liked this fox dog.


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