More Brasil

After Sao Paulo we got an 8 hour bus and then a boat to an island called Ihla grande to enjoy the brazilian island life for a few days.

That was the plan anyway. We only managed one day of beach enjoyment before Emma became ill. On the second day we walked for 2 hours through the jungle to get to the best beach on the island. I thought it was worth it but Emma wasn’t impressed by it. Maybe the beach was too beautiful, the sand too white and the water too clear. She developed a headache shortly after arriving so we went back to the hostel early so she could go to bed. And that’s where she stayed for the next 5 days, except for a visit to the island medical centre. We eventually left the island for Rio, 3 days later than planned.

We arrived in Rio at the end of carnival, so the streets were still full of people in costumes. We quickly found an english speaking doctor who gave Emma some tablets. She started feeling better over the next few days so we ventured out into Rio to explore a bit. We went up a cable car, walked around the centre and beachside neighbourhoods, and visited a gallery.





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