The rest of the little bit of Bolivia that we saw

After the salt we moved on to the Bolivian capital of la paz. The highest governmental capital city in the world (3400m). We saw people dressed as zebras stopping traffic, the day of the sea, where Bolivians celebrate/commiserate being cut off from the sea by Chile and the new flag designed by the president that isn’t actually the official flag but is used by him anyway. We ate traditional Bolivian food, then got sick, prolonging our stay by a few days, giving Emma even more time to buy cheap and colourful socks, hats and jumpers. It was the most chaotic City we’ve visited; the roads were packed with minibuses shuttling everyone around with a “vocedor” leaning out of each one shouting the destinations. The chaos extended to the day of the sea parade where they failed to block off the road properly, forcing the marching soldiers to weave through traffic and then stop at a traffic light where they marched on the spot until it turned green. We enjoyed the chaos and were reluctant to leave.

We moved on to Copacabana, a town near the border with PerĂº and on the shore of lake titicaca. We took a boat to the island of the sun where we looked at some Inca ruins, fed a friendly pig a banana skin and admired the views of the lake from the highest point of the island (4000m).

After that we got the bus to PerĂº.











Salar de Uyuni, or Bolivian salt flats, or funny photos


The salar de Uyuni is the biggest salt flat in the world. Most of the time you are on it you can look in any direction and see nothing but an unending field of white. I think it’s about 12,000 sq km big and the salt in places is over 100m deep. It is a pretty spectacular place to spend a day. Which is what we did. We hauled into a Jeep with five other lovely people and mildly scared (this route and place is renowned for dangerous driving and death unfortunately- we saw one accident on the way from San Pedro) set off under the care of Atacama Mistica, who we highly recommend. We had a very good safe day (don’t worry mum and Carolyn), one day late as egg was a bit altitude sick and we used a day to acclimatise, probably a good idea.


This is my favourite.


This is me riding a llama, of which we saw lots.



Human scale



Egg is always very thirsty.


This, if you can’t tell, is an homage to the lion king


I really do love the llama.


There was also an island covered with cacti in the middle of the salt flats, a bit like a mirage.




In case it wasn’t clear, egg was far less keen on posing for these photos.